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25 April 2012 @ 04:46 am
[miteymidget] OT3 Multi-fandom Post  
So, I have this infidelity squick. I don't like cheaters and if I'm invested enough in a character to want to read fic about them I don't want to read about them cheating. On the other hand I have a OT3 kink. Like, actual committed, working OT3s, not random threesome PWPs. And thus, I bring you a list of some of my favourites.

Sorry Kim, I don't think you're familiar with most of these fandoms. Watch Doctor Who!

Doctor Who

Bliss 'verse by dameruth. Rose/Jack/Nine
My favourite Rose/Jack/Nine series. I love it to bits, seriously. Jack, Rose and the ninth Doctor develop a kind of psychic bond. Goes AU during The Parting of the Ways.

Before His Time by wendymr. Rose/Jack/Nine
I love time travel fic and Doctor Who is all about the time travel. After being left on Satellite Five Jack thinks he's found Rose and the Doctor, only they haven't met him yet. Whoops.

Through A Glass Darkly 'verse by wendymr. Rose/alt!Jack/alt!Nine
Starts with established Doctor/Jack, but mostly OT3. The one where Rose starts traveling with Jack and the Doctor in Pete's World.

Paradise Lost by unfolded73 Rose/Ten/human!Ten
This happens late in the [Bad username: Lost 'verse] and starts with established Rose/Ten. The entire Lost universe goes AU after the start of

Loved 'verse by fid_gin and a couple with unfolded73. Rose/Ten/human!Ten
At the end of Journey's end Rose and the Human Doctor don't let Ten just abandon them in Pete's world. This is how I wish things could have gone for them.

White Collar

Never Leave a Trace by sam_storyteller. Neal/Peter/El
This is technically a fusion with American Gods, but you really don't need to have read that to get how beautiful this is. I love everything Sam's written ever, but this is one of my favourites. Neal goes back to prison for a case and shit gets weird.

The Love Nest by china_shop
Peter and Neal are in love. El knows it, so she asks Neal out on a date, because that's what one does when one's husband is in love with another man. Obviously. Love, so much love for El.

Undercover by china_shop. Neal/Peter/El
It starts with Neal and Peter undercover at a gay bar and just gets better from there. Every fandom has this trope! It's so much fun.

Taking Liberties by astolat. Neal/Peter/El
Written pretty early in the series. Neal sends Kate off to run from the FBI and Peter gives him two pretty spectacular options. I love El in this one too.

Two Burkes, An Ex-Con, And A Baby by mydeira. Peter/El/Neal
Not actually kidfic, but almost kidfic. El might be pregnant. Usually, I love kidfic in every fandom I'm into, but I just don't see it for White Collar, so the fact that I'm rec-ing this says a lot. I like the way this fic leaves it kind of up in the air.

Somewhere I Have Never Traveled by sam_storyteller. Peter/Neal, Peter/Neal/El
I'm cheating here, because there is no actual explicit OT3 action that goes on, but it's my favourite White Collar fi, because it uses that episode where Peter went undercover as that badass accountant and turns it into an AU where he is that badass accountant and then he lures Neal into an honest living and finally they meet El. So much squee.

Contractual Obligations: A Love Story in Three Traffic Lights by shaenie. Neal/Peter/El
Infidelity squick aside, I really like the OT3 action in this one. I'm a little less enamored with the "exemption situations" practice El and Peter seem to have in their marriage because that implies that there is more cheating going on and I don't like that. Ignore that and focus on El and Peter and Neal.


I Want You (And I Want Him) by clex_monkie89. Sam/Dean/Jess
After Sam heads off to Stanford their dad sends Dean off to join him. Then Sam starts dating Jess. I love this ship. Love, love, love it.

Believe What You See (I Will Go Anywhere) by clex_monkie89
Okay, so this is actually a sequel to her Postcards (From Easy Street) in which Dean had been sending Jess anonymous postcards about Sam the entire time they'd been dating, and ends in Sam electing to take Jess with them to Jericho.

Coupling in the Infinite by cherie_morte.
Dean and Sam apparently share their heaven with Jess. A-OK by me.

What's to Be, They Say, Will Be by cherie_morte.
This is a timestamp for the Cradlesong 'verse and also episode coda for What Is and What Should Never Be as if Jess were the one captured by the djinn. I love that episode, so obviously I was going to love this fic.

Sherlock Holes (2009)

Marriage A Trois by Sorrel. Holmes/Mary/Watson
Basically, Mary reads Watson's journals and finds it pretty obvious that Watson's in love with Holmes and then figures out that Holmes is in love with him back. Eventually, she falls for Holmes, too, and then brings them all together because it's pretty obvious that Holmes and Watson are pretty miserable apart. My favourite fic of this ship.

Clever Woman, Doctor's Wife by MerryArwen. Holmes/Mary/Watson
A series of shorter fics that are mostly about Mary, and then Mary and Watson and then Mary, Watson and Holmes. I really like Mary Morstan, just so you know.

Honi soit qui mal y pense by starlady. Holmes/Mary/Watson
The third in the His Majesty's Aery 'verse, which is a steampunk AU in which Mary is a capain of an airship. This takes place post-Reichenbach is this universe's continuity and deals with the aftermath of Holme's return after his three year "death." I love Airship Captain Watson.

Nothing Worth Having by PR Zed. Holmes/Mary/Watson
Watson is kidnapped and it brings Holmes and Mary closer together. I really like Holmes and Mary working together.

Jack-in-the-Box by esteefee. Holmes/Mary/Watson
After Holmes returns after Reichenbach Mary and Watson move back into Baker St with him and proceed to seduce the snot out of him, while he remains pretty much oblivious til nearly the end. I love how Mary and John work together here.


Lift You Up Over Everything by kerithwyn. Olivia/Peter/Lincoln
So, this has all be Joss-ed by the show, but by the time Olivia gets her memories of the original timeline back she's already in a relationship with Lincoln. Lincoln and Peter are close, too, and instead of turning into a big pile of angst the three of them make the most of it. And it is glorious.

A Slip In Time Saves Nine by ziparumpazoo. Olivia/Peter/Licoln
Olivia getting these pretty graphic visions of herself and Lincoln and Peter. Man, that girl has some self-restraint. If I'd had those visuals, I'd have been on those two like white on rice.
crazy bitchairwaveeight on April 25th, 2012 05:49 pm (UTC)
jhdsh ot3s are awesome, but yeahhhh. not so fond of the Jess angle. Castiel on the other hand~

man, I am going to explode your Kindle with all the SPN fic I think you should read.
Shademiteymidget on April 27th, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
But I love Jess angle! For whatever reason, though, I don't like that many OT3s where all three are men. Apparently, that's just too much dick for me. But feel free to make your own list of Dean/Sam/Cas fics. I can't promise I'd read all of them, but it's a nice thought.

And I dunno that I'm gonna have more SPN fic for you by tomorrow. It's midnight already and I have to work in the morning. I promise I'll have something up for next Wednesday at the latest.