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02 May 2012 @ 01:08 am
[miteymidget] Dean/Cas recs  
Here's a handful of just Dean/Cas recs. Mostly my favourites.

Anything Worth Dying For by waldorph
Breaks from canon directly after the end of season four where the apocalypse is really going down. The Dean/Cas in this fic isn't really the focus, but I love everything else that's going on, too, especially all of the excerpts from the Book of Chuck.

The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester by tuesday.
This is how Cas and Dean end up accidentally soul-married. It's both hilarious and kind of angsty and I loved it so much.

Second Childhood by cloudyjenn.
The one where Sam gets de-aged and Dean and Cas are basically his two dads. Adorable!

Thursday's Child by strangeandcharm.
This is a long, long post 5x04 fic in which the episode went AU and Dean killed Lucifer-Sam and Cas survived. So much angst and so much drug abuse and yet so good. There's also a link to a single file PDF of the fic for anyone who wants to download.

Praise the Lord (And Pass the Amunition) by nekomitsu.
When Dean dies he goes to heaven. And becomes the angel of crabs and unfortunate rashes. Also, he breaks a shit-ton of rules to keep in contact with fallen Cas and Sam.

Sing and I Will Hear You by oatmeal_queen.
Cas is cursed into being a kitten! What more could you possibly want?

Below Skyscrapers by Aesc.
Complete AU of the series wherein Dean and Henriksen are partners on a case involving a supernatural serial murders. When something happens to Henriksen, Cas is the angel assigned to help. I just find the just slightly different from reality of the world building in this really interesting.

If On a Winter's Night a Fangirl by trinityofone
Basically, Becky and slash fic save the day. Love it.

The Adventures of John Gabriel Winchester, the Messiah by pandarus.
Dean/Cas kidfic! Includes The Miracle of the Fish Sticks.

See the World In Green and Blue by parenthetical.
One of the first Dean/Cas fics I read. Cas spends the day learning more about being human.
Shademiteymidget on May 3rd, 2012 05:10 am (UTC)
I did say I'd have something up by Wednesday. I'm only sorry there isn't more. I'm thinking about doing a mostly het rec post next, just to change things up.