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04 April 2012 @ 06:57 pm
[miteymidget] Supernatural recs  
Some of my favourite fic from the Supernatural fandom. Hope you find something you like here Kim, 'cause some of these were hard to dig up. It's been so long that a lot of my bookmarks have broken links. Also, I may have gotten sidetracked a few times. Just a little.


Super Wiki
The Supernatural Wikipedia. Very well maintained and super up to date.

What it sounds like. The tags are a great resource if you're looking for something from a specific genre.

A daily rec comm, each day is a specific theme. My one and only SPN fic was rec-ed here.

The daily Supernatural newsletter. Almost everything is announced here.

The main SPN bigbang, and the best place to look for long fics. The masterlists for each year are mostly sorted by pairing and gen.

Exactly what it says. The Dean/Cas bigbang.


Ben Has Two Dads Uncles by regala_electra and ignited.
It's kidfic and Wincest. It shouldn't work, but it does. So much love.

nothing seems to let me go by regala_electra
This one's all timey-wimey and confusing and sort of based off The Time Traveler's Wife. I have yen for time travel fic.

The Knuckles of the Skinnybone Tree by hansbekhart
And a touch of daddycest thrown in there for good measure. But more time travel fic! That's always fun.

No Fate by pheebs1
It's like The Terminator, but not. Weee for more time travel fic.

Old Country by astolat
The Harry Potter crossover I was talking about. Sam and Dean go to Hogwarts! Also, everything else by astolat is really good.


Asunder by rageprufrock.
Dean's a social worker, Castiel is a prediatrition and together they go to Dean's estranged, ex-junky brother's wedding

The Consequences of Falling by pandarus.
My favourite Dean/Castiel fic. Castiel falls and then roadtrips with Ruby for a while and then there is Dean.

Shortskirts Verse by twentysomething.
The one where Dean's a baseball player and Cas is Dean's awkward neighbour with a huge-ass crush on him. And then there's lots of really hot sex.

Conversations With Angels by commodoresexual
This is a link to the last chapter where the previous parts are all linked. There are the Winchester's and there is Castiel and they have conversations. Anything by commodoresexual is awesome.

The Melting Verse by strangeandcharm
It's got a BAMF-y Cas and one of the best versions of the Dean/Cas pairing I've ever read. Definitely a must read, along with anything else by this author.

Good Things Do Happen by trinityofone
This one is kind of cracky, but I love it so. Christmas is the Winchester/Campbell household after the apocalypse. Also, anything else by trinityofone is good.

The Daemon 'verse by cloudyjenn
HDM fusion with the SPN verse and probably my favourite of it's kind. I love HDM fusions.

Absolution& Kin by wolfling and omphalos
One of my favourite Destiel longfic series' that really deals with what Dean is willing to do to save Sam and what Cas is willing to do to help him do it. Downloadable files of full fics can be found HERE.

Equinox by luchia.
Basically Destiel does The Time Travelers Wife, but so much better.


Red Beans and Rice & Lasagna by janissa11
Dean learns to cook for Sammy. Oh god, so many tears.

But for the Grace by kroki_refur
My favourite of kroki_refur's fic. She's brilliant! Dean's somehow come to a world in which Mary didn't die in the fire. How does that change the Winchester's?

Do Winchesters Dream Of Electric Impalas by kellifer_fic.
Dean's a robot. A.I. done Winchester style.

I'll try and dig up more as I go along.
crazy bitchairwaveeight on April 14th, 2012 05:51 pm (UTC)
man, i seriously need to like, make a rec post myself. even if you're out of the fandom. there's certain fics I'm just... obsessed with. NOW IF ONLY THEY'D UPDATE. ;__;
Shademiteymidget on April 14th, 2012 06:27 pm (UTC)
Do it. I'm bad about reading WIPs, but I'd make an exception for anything you rec-ed.
crazy bitchairwaveeight on April 14th, 2012 06:55 pm (UTC)
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7002492/1/Its_All_in_the_Details read it. dahfaksjhkjh. it's gen, but with destiel undertones and just fucking AWESOME with how things keep turning into a clusterfuck and I adore it and and and...